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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at this time. We may introduce new products that may have a free trial in the future.

This content is copyrighted and can only be used / published while your subscription is active. Please read our copyright notice.

As many as you wish as long as their email address is from the same organization.

Some of the material is in MS Word and others are in Adobe InDesign. InDesign is a very powerful desktop publishing system. It is best you work with a graphic designer or a local print shop.

Yes. Only with other people in your organization as each login is unique.

Updates are done on an as-needed basis. Sometimes because of legislation, and often because of keeping language current with the times.

Yes, usually once or twice a year.

Of course. It will not happen overnight and all content requests are not always honored. Remember, content has to be researched, written up by communications, then vetted by an attorney. Submit your inquiries here.