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Frequently Asked Questions on LegacyPlanner™

What is LegacyPlanner™?

LegacyPlanner™ is a free, online will and bequest tool for your donors and prospects. It helps them plan their estate and make a bequest, while offering suggestions to other planned giving vehicles.

LegacyPlanner™ is more than just a free, online will-creation tool. It’s a marketing system that will expand opportunities to discuss other gift-planning vehicles that can lead to major and blended gifts. With what’s included you can begin discussions on trusts and more. We even provide a Trusts 101 booklet template that you can customize!.

Why do I need LegacyPlanner™ on my planned giving website?


  1. You will be helping your donors. Up to 68% of Americans lack a will.
  2. You will give your audience an opportunity to invest in their legacy.
  3. You’ll keep your organization top of mind when donors create their estate plans.
  4. It opens doors into other planned giving options.
  5. It’s a smart choice — the Great Wealth Transfer is underway.
Shouldn’t my donors be using an attorney to write their will?

In general, that is recommended — and LegacyPlanner™ includes a disclaimer. But many often choose to do it themselves, or at least to start the process before having it finalized by an attorney. Why not provide them with a custom-branded online platform to prepare their will that also keeps your organization top of mind?

And finally, and unfortunately, many American just do not get around to writing a will because they consider it a hassle. One of the goals of the LegacyPlanner™ is to serve some of those individuals.

Do you advertise attorneys whom our donors should contact?

Up to you. We are not in the business of earning a revenue off an outside network of attorneys and advisors. Besides, we wish to remain unbiased and therefore cannot unilaterally endorse third-party legal representation. We do, however, give you the option to list your nonprofit’s own local network of attorneys or no one at all.

Do you redirect my donors to a third-party website?

No. LegacyPlanner™ is branded to your organization, and your donors remain on your planned giving website. Since LegacyPlanner™ is incorporated in your website, the look, feel, colors, and design are the same to maintain donors’ comfort level, sustain trust, and protect your reputation.

The page also carries a disclaimer that informs your donor that LegacyPlanner™ is not your content, for two reasons:

  • It limits the unlikely chance of liability.
  • It limits others from illegally copying content for private use.
Does LegacyPlanner™ work for nontraditional couples?

As an option, we offer another version alongside the traditional version, free of charge, for LGBTQ couples. Although most of the regulations are the same, some legal language can be different. In addition, the marketing approach, language of accompanying documents, tone, and overall theme is slightly different. Depending on your constituency, offering this option can be a huge benefit.

What happens when someone dies without a will (intestate)?

Simple: the government will take care of their estate. Our marketing materials include a customizable brochure for your donors on the importance of having a will. Several headline ideas are suggested including our popular humorous title: Don’t Worry. You Don’t Need a Will. The Government Will Take Care of It for You.

How long does it take to set up LegacyPlanner™?

About 7 to 10 days.

Can I change or edit the wording or add my own language to LegacyPlanner™?

No. In order to maintain legal compliance, all LegacyPlanner™ content is chosen carefully and vetted by our legal team. However, if you have a suggestion for an improvement or change, contact us. We take suggestions seriously and follow through.

Must we be a client of in order to subscribe to LegacyPlanner™?

Anyone can subscribe to LegacyPlanner™ and use it with their existing website. However, it is the only tool in the marketplace today designed to work cleverly within a planned giving environment — and it was specifically designed for seamless integration with PlannedGiving.Com-brand websites.

Its integration is extremely efficient, with more than 100 entry/link points. Quite simply, we cannot integrate it as seamlessly with other websites created or maintained by other vendors. We like to help our clients succeed through our complete solutions. By adding LegacyPlanner™, you are providing your donors with another tool that benefits both them and your organization. It’s a smart way to make your planned giving marketing efforts even more robust.

What is my Return on Investment (ROI) from the LegacyPlanner™?

Your potential ROI is quite high. Will-planning services have been known to seize donor attention, resulting in game-changing gifts that have pumped billions into the fundraising industry. Although we cannot guarantee individual results, just remember that the will-planning tool itself is a tried-and-true staple — everyone must follow tax law, after all. The difference with ours is in its implementation and branding — and the trust that branding ultimately provides for your donors. That in itself, plus the fact that it’s free for the donor, adds value and opens the door for other gift-planning opportunities.

How else can a donor use LegacyPlanner™?

LegacyPlanner™ can also be used by astute donors who simply want to organize their estate planning information before seeing an attorney.  Why spend thousands on attorney fees just to have a paralegal collect your information and do the administrative work? Your donors can do that themselves and use the money they saved for strategic planning instead.

How do donors find LegacyPlanner™ through my organization’s website?

User navigation is unique for every individual and device; however,  LegacyPlanner™ is conveniently and strategically situated on your planned giving website. While other vendors link to their products from one main point, we link to it from over 100 of the pages we provide for your planned giving program. We can do this because we integrate LegacyPlanner™ directly with your planned giving website.

How do I make my donors aware of LegacyPlanner™?

We provide guidance on how to promote your new, complimentary will-creation service for your donors through email, direct mail, social media, and more. Any such promotion also encourages other planned gifts.

Is it kept up to date regarding tax laws and legislation changes?

Yes. Our team of attorneys follows legislation changes on a regular basis, so LegacyPlanner™ is always up to date. Even better, we perform the updates behind the scenes — you won’t have to touch a thing.

Are the rules about estate and will preparation the same in all 50 states?

No. That’s why we keep current on all federal and state laws to ensure that LegacyPlanner™ is compliant.

The name LegacyPlanner™ and its brand are not suited for my organization. What can we do?

We can rename it as you wish. We also have several alternative logos or you can provide your own. For a small fee, we can even design a unique logo just for you.